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It can be hard to see the positive when we keep hearing about all of the terrible things happening in our community.

But the fact that we are hearing about them these days is honestly so important. That these things are being addressed and called out and talked about openly and publicly, often by high profile creators is unbelievably awesome after so many years of silence on these far-from-new issues.

There is a lot we could be doing better (for one, these conversations, and especially responses from high profile creators, could be happening on YouTube), but compared to how these things have been handled in the past? This is a huge first step.

Hell, last year NONE of the major YT events hosted any official panels related to women’s issues/sexism. This year every single one of them (Playlist Live, VidCon, SitC, Buffer Fest) have/are hosting one or more. Things aren’t great, but they’re definitely getting better, and that’s pretty cool.

I’m glad you made the decision to talk about this on such an important blog to women on youtube